MVC 919S14kt Diamond Cut Barrels (sold separately from chains) 

MVC 002S

  Diamond Cut Laser Scallop Shells


                                                                                                                  MVC 036S                                                                                                           14kt Window Charms

 MVC 926S

                                                                                    14kt Flip Flop Charms

                                                                                                                          MVC 936S

                                                                                     14kt Large Two Tone Diamond Cut Flower

MVC 003S

                                                                                           Two Tone Starfish With Look Of  Coral


  MVC 052S

                                                                                                14KT LARGE DIAMOND CUT FROG

                                                                          MVC 054S

                                                                    14KT TRI COLOR TRIANGLE CHARM (MATCHING EARRINGS AVAILABLE)



                                                                                                                                                                                                                    MVC 080S

                                                                                                   14kt Two Tone Large Butterfly


MVC 661S 

                                                                                                 14kt Two Tone Mermaids


                                                      MVC 917S                                               14kt Diamond Dolphin Heart  

                                                               MVC 081S

                                                                                                    14kt Filigree Hummingbird

                                                                                                 MVC 914S                                                                                               14kt Diamond Palm Tree

MVC 085S     

                 14kt Two Tone Seahorse                  

   MVC 771S

       14kt Large Two Tone Dragonfly

MVC 445S

14kt or Sterling Silver Opal Beach Balls

 MVC 815F

   14kt Two Tone Disk

  MVC 004S

   14kt Large diamond cut Turtle


      MVC 912S14kt Turtle Charms      


 MVC 625S

   14kt Large Two Tone Anchor


 MVC 621SMVC 618S

14kt Peace Sign

 MVC 618S

      14kt Sunset (Available in three colors)

  MVC 617S


MVC 616S

14kt Two Tone Compass

(Also available in all white or all yellow or sterling silver)

MVC 018S


MVC 029S

                                                                                             14kt Crosses (new styles monthly)



MVC 023S

                                                                                                      14kt Sand Dollar Charms

MVC 057S

                                                                                     14kt Two Tone or all White Nautical Round charm

MVC 076S

                                          14kt Leaf/Feather Charms


                                                                                                                          MVC 907S                                                                                                      14kt Two Tone Birds

26982 KaratImports 10

                          26982 KaratImports 8

 26982 KaratImports 4