MVC 001S

Squiggle Polished Hoops


MVC 992S

14kt Open Flower


MVC 021S 

14kt Tri Color Bead Dangles


MVC 791S

14kt Yellow Open Dangle (Available in white and rose also)



MVC 799F

14kt or Sterling Silver Beach Balls

MVC 935F

14kt Diamond Cut Two Tone Two Sided Round Huggies

MVC 934F

14kt Laser Round Huggies

MVC 933F

14kt High Polished Oval  Two Tone Huggies

MVC 932F

14kt Two Tone Laser Oval Huggies

MVC 931F

14kt Two Tone Diamond Cut Oval Huggies

MVC 620S

14kt Conch Shells

MVC 619S

14kt Two Tone Compass (available in all white and all yellow and SS also) 

 MVC 665S

14kt Mother Of Pearl

 MVC 663S

                              14kt Sand Dollar Earrings (Many different styles)

   MVC 056S

                                                                                  14kt Two Tone Leverback MERMAID Earrings

 MVC 078S

                                                                                           14kt Sunset Earrings (charms to match also)